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Your GamersFirst account gives you control over all your game accounts, and so there is a lot you can do in the “My Account” section.

Click “Profile” to see your G1 account information and Credit purchase history. In this section, you can change your email address, change your password, view your Credit purchase history and purchase Credits.

Click “Game Accounts” to see all your game accounts, which are separated by game title. When you create your G1 account, you automatically get one account per game. In this section, you can do the following: 1) view game account details; 2) view your transaction history for each game account; 3) go directly to the Marketplace; 4) add existing game accounts to your G1 account; and 5) go create a new game account.

Click “Support” to submit a support ticket. We recommend skimming all our FAQs before submitting a ticket.

Currently, you can add up to 5 game accounts to your GamersFirst account as you like, and you can do that for each of your games that you play. Play all of your games and create as many game accounts as you like ... and manage them all from GamersFirst!

After you create your account, go to “My Account” and then “Game Accounts”. Once there, you can choose between “Add Existing Account” and “Create New Account”. It’s that easy.