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Customer Support is a range of services provided to G1 gamers using GamersFirst and players of G1 Games (i.e. APB and Fallen Earth). Our Customer Support department provides solutions and helps players through troubleshooting in order to resolve specific problems.

Free2Play is a term that can be used to describe 1) Gamers; 2) The World of Gaming; and 3) Games.

Free2Play means a lot more than just free games. We want G1 gamers to know that Free2Play is really about them. Gamers should be free to play what they want how they want – thus, we think that it is not just games, but more importantly gamers who are truly Free2Play. That means that gamers should be able to experience a game before they invest any money in it; so, G1 digitally distributes games for free! Also, gamers are individuals and should be treated as such; thus, G1 offers a range of options: players choose between completely free, discreet item/service purchases, or paid monthly Premium subscriptions.

The World of Gaming
At GamersFirst, we want to make the world of gaming Free2Play. We have a vision and in this vision gamers never spend money on a game only to try it and be disappointed. Gamers deserve better than that. After all, gamers are the ones funding this great gaming industry. We think that making the world of gaming Free2Play is an important part of putting gamers first all over the world.

Most people are used to the word “Free2Play” being associated only with games. We understand that, and we don’t mean to confuse anyone by using the term in an original way. It takes some getting used to. Still, we truly believe in what we say about gamers and the world of gaming, and we hope you agree with us.

Of course, we also use “Free2Play” to modify games. Free2Play games are games that are free to download, free to try, and within which gamers are free to choose between the options and services that they want (either for free, or for money – totally up to them!). Most importantly, all G1 games are Free2Play!

At GamersFirst and through the various game websites, we offer packages players can purchase for different G1 games. Packages come with a variety of in game items, currency, and premium days.

For F2P players, we currently provide assistance on Major Services Issues and Marketplace Issues across all our titles and for GamersFirst. For any other game issues, we recommend the game forums (currently accessed through the websites for each particular game). In those forum communities, players and staff collaborate with one another to provide tips and hints to enhance game play and support one another.

For Premium Accounts, G1 supports Major Service Issues, Marketplace Issues, and General Issues across all of our titles.

Issue Types

  • Major Service
    A major service issue is one that affects a large group of players and G1 deems to be “game-breaking.” In the event such an issue arises, we will notify the player base of the issue via the game’s website. At that time, we would also request that affected players submit tickets to be resolved by customer support.
  • Marketplace Issues
    A Marketplace issue is one that involves an issue with making a purchase, services and items being purchased but not received, or concerns with a previous purchase.
  • General Issues
    A general issue is one that does not fall under any of the above categories, including issues with accounts, and name changes.

Language Support

  • English Language Support
    This support privilege provides for full web-based customer support in the English Language for APB, Fallen Earth, and GamersFirst.

If a player purchases a Package or a Premium Bundle for one game, their account will be a Premium Account in the game they have purchased it for and will receive Premium Support for that game 30 days thereafter. For the account that is F2P, Customer Support will resolve issues that fall under F2P support detailed above.

In order to contact Customer Support, you must create an account for the game that you would like to receive support for (we suggest you create a G1 account, and then add any pre-existing accounts). Once you are logged in, click on the “Support” tab in “My Account”. Once you have done that, you will see your choices for submitted a support ticket.