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Patch Notes

Patch 2.71

Patched on Wed 2013-09-25

Version 2.71


Before the Introduction of the AP Augmented Weapons we wanted to bring a bit more balance to the existing tiers of weapons, Pistols had become more “all-purpose” than we had originally intended them to be. These changes should help establish their role in combat better without negating the advantages of Rifles.

Increased the reload times of Light and Medium Pistols to 3 seconds.
Decreased reload time for Platmasters from 6 seconds to 4
Increased reload times for Heavy Pistols to 3.6 seconds
Decreased ranges on heavy pistols to cap at 5000

Assault Rifles now have a reload of 20, recharge of 5 and range around 4000 damage has been slightly raised.

With the overall combat changes, we’ve been putting too much emphasis on burst damage , the following changes were implemented to give sustained damage more of a role in combat. Jackal now divides damage between electric and ballistic.

Minor Jackal- Ballistic 120, electric 50
Jackal – Ballistic 130 electric 60
Major Jackal – Ballistic 140 , electric 70

Minor Lunatic – Slashing 51, fire 71
Lunatic – slashing 68, Fire 88
Major Lunatic – slashing 80 Fire 110


Alpha County Faction Trophies no longer boost mutation stats.

Redhand’s will now gives +4 Dodge +25 Body Save
Kilgore’s Bane now gives +5 Health Regen, +25 Mind Save
Nature’s Pyrotechnic now gives +25 Mind Save, +10 Power
Chosen’s Path now gives +5 Gamma Regen +25 Reflex save
Swindler’s List now gives +25 Body Save , +8
Precision Toru’s interpreter now gives +30 Mind Save +25 Reflexes Save

Added a fix so that Gear Pants render properly with boots.


Increased cooldown of all Ranks of Beast Might to 15 seconds

Resilience now boosts secondary and tertiary damage instead of Saves.
Vital Osmosis now properly uses line of sight checks


Lowered health of scorpions and eggs

Fun Stuff

Black Box now has a chance to drop Winged, Gearhead and Cammo hoodies, Duster Dexlue, Phoenix Fire suit, Gear Pants and GlobalTech LifeNet Jacket and Pants.